About Our Courses

About our courses

ORCBDS training programs are centred on the Registrar's commitment that has a sustainable impact on Vanuatu`s economic growth through inspiring inovation,entreneurship and professional development in the local communities.

Our training programs is developed through research,consultation,networking opportunity,information sharing and generation of ideas affecting small micro business amongst cooperatives and Ni-Vanuatu Business.

Training objectives and outcomes

Our Principal training objectives are to:

  • Support the cooperative societies and small business' goals by improving skills of potential and existing managers through their individual accreditation against key competencies.
  • Improve our clients statisfaction by providing high quality product training program

Who is our Training for?

ORCBDS is one of the governement organisations that procvide public education on small and micro business in Vanuatu,registered under the Vanuatu Qualification Authority.

Our courses are designed for managers,members and key staff for Ni - Vanuatu Cooperatives,Micro businesses and interested clients.We are also offering short courses / workshops for communities that are interested.

List of ORCBDS Training Modules

  • Certificate 1 in Business Management
  • Certificate 2 in Business Management
  • Certificate 1 in Finance
  • Certficate  2 in Finance
Wednesday 19 June 2019