Steps to Register

Registration options

Registering under the COSO Act
One of the central features of a cooperative registered under the COSO Act is that it is incorporated, which means that it is a distinct legal entity. That legal entity is created when the Registrar of cooperatives processes an application by a group wishing to become incorporated and registers the coop name on the Register of cooperative and business developments
Why choose COSO?
The main benefits of registering under the COSO Act are that:
• The members can choose, when they register the coop, not to be liable for the debts of the coop
• The by-law that governs how the coop is run can take into account Ni-Vanuatu customs and traditions
• In some cases coops may be exempted from annual reports
• Profits of the cooperative can be distributed to members if the by-law allows for this
• Coops can access client assistance, support, and information and training programs, offered by the Registrar of cooperatives.

Steps to Register

You've decided to start a Cooperative under the Cooperative Act 1987 (COSO CAP 152) and you're ready to take the next step, but where do you begin? Here is some information to help you get started.

Step 1: Fill in the application for registration form.
Step 2: Complete your proposed rule book.
Step 3: Hold a meeting of members.
Step 4: Send your application form, By-Law, and resolution to ORCBS.
What happens when you return your application?

Step 1: Fill in the Application for registration form found on our forms page(Form)
Step 2: Complete your proposed By Law
Step 3: Hold a meeting of members

Hold a meeting of members to get their agreement to:

Apply for registration
Approve the proposed By -Law
Nominate the Managers and
Nominate the contact person or secretary.
Step 4: Send your application form, By- Law and Meeting to ORCBDS

Below is a checklist of documents you will need to send to ORCBDS.

Application for registration form.
A copy of the By -Law.
A resolution of members agreeing to apply for registration. This can be either:
a signed resolution from your group that at least 75 per cent of the members applying for registration have agreed to do so, OR
if the decision to apply for registration was made at a meeting where the original members passed the required resolutions, the minutes of that meeting.

You can return your form and attachments either by email, or post. To email documents, you will need to scan them first.
Post: Office of the Registrar of Cooperative & Business Development Services
PMB 9032
Port Vila
What happens when you return your application?

Your application will be checked to make sure it is filled in properly and that the requirements of theCOSO Act are met. If it is not complete we will write to the applicant and the additional information will need to be provided before the application can be registered.

ORCBDS will then:

Send you a certificate of registration
Send you a copy of the approvedBy -Law and

Read more information about the COSO Act or call 33390.

Wednesday 19 June 2019