Registration Form

The following forms are for cooperative registered under the Cooperative Act 1982 (COSO CAP 152).

The application for registration is made on the prescribed form to be submitted to the Registrar of Cooperative with the following:

    A copy of minutes of the founders meeting

    The proposed by laws signed by the applicants

    A list of the Officers,their names,addresses and qualifications

    The registration fee of 400 VT is to be paid

    Feasibility study report or business plan giving all budget plan estimates and cash flow forecast of the proposal

     Application for Registration of Primary Cooperative

    Application for Registration of Secondary Cooperative

Approval for Registration

If the registrar of Cooperative is satistied that a cooperative has compiled with the provisions of the Cooperative Act, the registrar shall then approve registration and sign its by -laws .A certificate of registration will then be issued.

Wednesday 19 June 2019