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Our Services

The Office of the Registrar of Cooperative and Business Development Services in SHEFA has been providing quality Services to the people and Ni-Vanuatu businesses since many years.

It is our aim to:

1. Administer the COSO Act and related legislation effectively and in a way that eases the burden on Cooperative Societies
2. Help Societies to operate in an effective, sustainable and accountable manner.
3. Provide certainty:

  •  For the members, officers and employees of societies in their dealings with the Society and with each other
  •  For people outside societies in their dealings with those societies
  • Take Ni-Vanuatu communities tradition into consideration
  •  Ensure that public information about Cooperative Societies is available on our public registry.

Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our Office of the Registrar of Cooperative & Business Development Services that we hope makes it easier for you to do get the information you need.

At this pages, you will discover all about our Services and the lastest development of Cooperatives & Businesses, as well as our courteous and resourceful staff.


 Esther Olul is a faithful and strong committed member of cooks cooperative sty since the cooperative society established, through her faithfulness this year 2015 she had been top the chat of being the highest share or dividend paid member.

With her dividend she decided to share small amount with her family and the rest of the money she plan to set up a small lending and borrowing scheme for her and the family to support her in her fulltime job

 Mrs. Mary Tulang had been also been a strong member of the cooks cooperative since the cooperative had been born in the year 2009, during the first time she received her share she was very happy and that she decided to use her money to purchase a full set cooking pot that will last longer so she could see the benefits of her hard work in shopping. She even said that going and shop in Chinese shops you can’t get anything but with cooperative they gain something they had invest in and that’s very good she said that she will remain and be a faithful member of the cooks cooperative and she wish if they set up cooks savings and Loans too so that will greatly assists the mothers in small loans not only that will help and encourage them to safe money. 


Miss Marie Vuke a female office VMF officer who did join in the cook’s cooperative and during her interview she said that since she received he first dividend she was very happy so did she went and purchase some cooking utensils to be used at her home . this year 2015 she decided to use her dividend to purchase an addition music instrument for her youth group , she was very impress for joining the Cooks Cooperative because she said while doing her shopping with Chinese at the end you get noting

Monday 18 March 2019