Tafea Coop Revived
MPs from Tanna recieved the Mat from the Director Joseph first from right)and agreed to sort out any issues that will hinder the development
Vanuatu Cooperative Federation Launched a New Vehicle
Another Milestone achievement for Vanuatu Cooperative Federation with New Vehicle Launched
Mr Balu Iyer, Regional Director of International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) for Asia - Pacific region Standing with Mr.Ridley Joseph Director of ORCBDS, Vanuatu
ICA recognition of Vanuatu Cooperative participation
Launching of Tafea Cooperative Association
Launching of Tafea Cooperative Association (TCA)..Building Renovation and New Face-lift kickstart soon.- In partnership with NBV, Vanuatu Government and People of Tafea
Manager for Aurovi Cooperative Society
Smiling Manager, Mr Malas with her shop Keeper holding onto VCF rice for Aurovi Cooperative Society. Aurovi Coop is located at Mangaliliu Village North Efate.

Got a question? Call ORCBDS on (678) 33390

The Registrar is an independent public office holder who administers the Cooperative Societies Act CAP.152 (COSO ACT CAP 152)
This Act guides how Cooperative Societies are run. The COOP ACT CAP 152 started on 1982.

The Registrar's office supports and regulates the cooperatives that are incorporated under the Coop Act. It does this in a variety of ways: by advising them on how to incorporate, by training managers, members and key staff in good corporate governance, by making sure they comply with the law and by intervening when needed.

 Training Course 2015-2016

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businessman239 Cooperative Management

businessman237 Cooperative Accounting 

What is a co-operative?

A co-operative is an organization owned by the members who use its services or are employed there. Co-operatives can provide virtually any product or service.Co-operatives exist in every sector of the economy and can touch every aspect of our lives. You can be born in a health care co-op and be buried by a funeral co-op. In between you can work in a worker's co-op, live in a housing co-op, buy your groceries, clothing and other items from retail co-ops, send your children to a child care co-op, do all your banking at a credit union, and purchase your insurance from an insurance co-op.Co-operatives provide consumers with a distinct values-based and community-owned and controlled alternative. Unlike the private, public, or voluntary sectors, all co-operatives around the world are guided by the same seven principles:

1. Voluntary and open membership

2. Democratic member control

3. Member economic participation

4. Autonomy and independence

5. Education, training, and information

6. Co-operation among co-operatives

7. Concern for community

Office of the Registrar of Cooperative & Business Development Services (ORCBDS) provides:

  • Accredited Business Trainings

  • General Business Advisory

  • Business Start up (Individual & Cooperatives)

  • Business Plans /Cash flows

  • Audits

  • Microfinance loans (Small Business loans & Cooperative Business Loans)

  • Promoting Women in Business

  • Cooperative Movement                 



Monday 30 May 2016